LAZY SUNDAY This is where I’m going to be all... |


This is where I’m going to be all Sunday (kind of). I borrowed my friend Jillian’s bedroom and dog for this picture hehe. BUT, after church, I will be in my bed wishing I had a dog. Hehe sundays are my favs. But, this is my lazy outfit. When I’m home you can find me in a large sweater + knit socks 99% of the time. For Christmas, my friends, family, and boyfriend all bought me socks. I have a sock obsession (problem). ESPECIALLY when it comes to knit socks. 

But, something you should notice in this picture is my laptop case. I’ve been needing a new one for awhile now, and this company called Snupped found me. They are so awesome! You can create a custom laptop case in so many different sizes or you can choose at of their really cute prints. I think it’s hard to find cute laptop cases these days. So if you’re in the market! Holla at Snupped. They got you. 

Have a good Sunday, friends!!

Turn in Tune Out Sweater - Wildfox Couture
Knit Socks - Free People 
Headphones - Apple Store
Laptop case - Snupped 
Dog - Jillian’s
Room - Jillian’s